About Us

HanM Transportation has been the leader in the transportation of temperature-controlled commodities and general goods since 2002. We currently run modern tractors and 53’ Reefer trailers (Thermo King SB-210/SB-230 capable from -20°F/-28.9°C to 100°F/38°C) with periodic temperature download function upon request. Drivers inspect all of their equipment daily and a full, rigorous inspection is performed by our safety department monthly.

Approximately 50% of our loads are produce goods. We always pulp (check) the temperature of the load, write it on the bill of lading, and confirm with the customer before leaving the shipper if there is a discrepancy between the required and actual temperature of the load. We are also familiar with special requests regarding temperature control such as venting the trailer for ~10 minutes a few times a day to let the hot air out for commodities such as tomatoes, and extreme caution and constant checking of temperature regarding sensitive commodities such as berries and cherries. About 30% of our loads comprise of meat and frozen / refrigerated prepared foods.

Communication with our customers, as well as our valued load brokers, is the staple of our operation here at HanM Transportation. We will go further than others to meet ourcustomers’ needs of pick-up dates, delivery times, temperature requirements, and other special instructions. We will alert the customer for changes in the condition of the load, possible delays, and anything else we deem the customer needs to know. We are always within reach. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and check our email constantly.

At HanM Transportation, we believe safety is the most important aspect of the trucking business. We have excellent safety records in the U.S. which allows HanM to be a holder of PREPASS (which allows us to pass most of the weigh stations even when the stations are on). Plus, our 2 million dollar insurance coverage will make sure our customer is protected under any circumstances.

Since we have our own equipment as well as brokerage authority, we can meet customers’ needs at minimal costs. We offer competitive rates and strive to provide the most reliable service possible.

The Team

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