Pay Table for Company Drivers

  • Empty and loaded miles paid same!
  • Local trucks do most of Ontario pick up and deliveries. You simply drop & go home or hook & go to delivery!
  • +11,000 miles per month for Single drivers (less than 600 mile range)
  • 3 trips per week. 3 times back home per week (includes 1 full day off!). +56 Hours home time!
  • No more stop for fax! We provide in-cab printers so you can print right in the truck!
  • No more stopping for fuel. Home terminal fueling overnight while you are at home!
  • No more complicated pay schedule . Just your simple and great pocket money.
  • We respect & love to learn different cultures!
  • We speak English, Korean,Tamil, Malayalam, and Badaga, as our first languages!
  • New equipment! Less than 5 years old new trucks!
  • Prepass to pass weigh stations and automatically pay for your tolls!
  • We support for your phone payment.

HanM company single drivers who drive for 1 year without any issues will be paid $0.70 / mile, regardless of experience.

Owner / Operators’ Pay:
$1.70 per mile

Reefer fuel covered by HanM.
Insurance covered by HanM.

Extra pickups / drops and layover

  • $30 per extra pu/drop – company driver (CD) and OO
  • $20 per hour detention after 3 hours up to $100 – CD
  • $25 per hour detention after 3 hours up to $125 – OO
  • $100 layover if not able to load before the end of the next day after last drop. – CD
  • $125 layover if not able to load before the end of the next day after last drop. – OO
  • Layover is paid if the driver loses a full day while away from home. Full day is defined by the calendar day and not 24 hours from the last delivery.

What HanM pays for O/Os

  • Insurance
  • Reefer Fuel
  • Toll Fees
  • All State Permits
  • Plates / IRP
  • Border expenses
  • Trailer Washout
  • All load related travel expenses such as fax and scale

What HanM pays for Company Drivers

  • All of the items on O/O list above plus:
  • Pulp thermometer
  • Fuel

All Drivers are responsible for providing his/her own

  • Truck GPS
  • Safety Vest
  • Steel-toed Boots
  • Hard Hat
  • Gloves
  • Safety Glasses

Health Insurance

We give drivers the option of signing up for a health insurance that includes a variety of benefits or receive support on their cell phone payments.

Travel Insurance

We provide free travel insurance for all drivers including owner operators. You can have peace of mind knowing you’ll be covered for medical emergencies while operating out of province.

You must have a minimum of 3 year North American (USA and Canada) experience with semi-trailers.

To apply, go to the APPLICATION FORM page.

– OR –

Please download and complete this APPLICATION FORMpdficon_small. Send the application form by fax to 416-787-6819 or email to

You will need either Adobe Reader or a compatible software to view the application form. Install one of the programs below to view PDF files.

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For general information, please contact us for more information.